Android / iOS apps; Flutter, Unity, Xamarin, Quasar + VUE, Vuetify
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Desktop apps for Windows (.NET, Quasar + VUE)
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Web shops, CMS, CRM and animations. UI/UX, VUE, php, MySQL, .NET
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Hardware for UPC and cashiers: printers, tablets and computers + development
Lightning fast and affordable hosting of websites, online stores and applications

About us

We are a team of IT experts and specialists, who with their knowledge, experience and passion for IT, creates, modifies and upgrades modern information systems. We offer high-quality solutions in accordance with modern information development guidelines and at the end of projects we offer maintenance, upgrades and comprehensive support for new systems.

Why are we better?

Our advantages: unlike other typical IT companies, we use the most modern, agile, flexible and especially for the client financially acceptable and wallet friendly framework friendly approaches, and software development methods. Everything starts with the planning and help for the detailed design of the information systems, even for the most lay customers, all the way to the most complex orders from the IT sector itself.

We help you!

We approach projects with great attention, extensive communication and specification phase with the client at the very beginning. We help client during early design of the idea, than with specific and detailed planning, assessment and timeline. This way we can easily cope even with the most complexed ideas for IT projects. By this approach time and cost deviations at the end are minimal. Here, of course, it is essential and critical to collaborate and specify the problem together with the client, who can either already derive from the IT field itself, or can be a layman, whose ideas we convert into a technologically appropriate, long-term sustainable form or and at the end into a final product. We are of the opinion that it is possible to make at least an MVP product even for less costs than its usually charged with the IT companies.

The Team

Niriko, senior mobile developer
Frontend, Javascript, Python, CMS (Concrete5, Wordpress), Unity (C#)
Janez, senior full stack developer
Aplikacije (ASP.NET, Entity Framework), Database (SQL Server, SQLite), Mobile (Xamarin)
Roman, senior full stack developer
PHP (Phalcon, Laravel), Javascript (jQuery, Angular), Mobile (Ionic)
Denis, senior full stack developer
PHP, Blockchain (Solidity), Javascript (jquery), Database (MySQL)
Karin, graphical design UX/UI
Graphical design, UX/UI, Marketing
Jurij, frontend developer
PHP, Python, Elasticsearch, GNU/Linux, Javascript (VueJS, d3.js), CSS (SCSS), Database (SQL)
Lev, frontend developer, marketing
Web shops(WooCommerce), CMS (Wordpress), Marketing
Luka, senior full stack developer
Marketing, Javascript (jQuery), PHP (Laravel), GNU/Linux, CMS (Wordpress, CS Cart)
Rok, graphical design
Graphical design, 3D design, 3D animations
Admir, senior full stack developer
PHP (Laravel), Javascript (Vue, Nuxt), Database (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
Miloš, frontend developer
Javascript, Vue.js, Typescript
Haris, frontend developer
Javascript, Vue, Nuxt, jquery, typescript, css, scss
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Maybe you?
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